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Signage for Your Needs

Signages are an evident part of our life because of their noticeable presence almost everywhere around us. They act as an usher to help us to the place we want to reach or warn us from a speed breaker of an under-construction site.

These also indicate directions, notify you of the speed limit and are found even in the most common spaces like- schools, hotels, beaches, etc. This emphasizes the importance of sign boards and how they have the ability to demand action, attention, and attraction from passersby and viewers.

The signs of brands such as Puma can also be considered a type of signage as it attracts customers and sets up brand value. Signage is spotted almost everywhere around us and this is because of its importance to direct and guide people to their desired space, following a set of rules, instructions, or warnings, and also just spreading awareness.

While there may be a variety of reasons it is only best to choose a promising brand for your signage needs. Kenford interiors cater to your sign board needs and deliver your desired 3d signage that uses the latest technology like laser cutting.

Different Types of Signage:

Outdoor sign

These are the signs that are outdoors. In terms of brands, they are a great way to attract large masses by being placed in outdoor spaces. Moreover, outdoor signs enhance the brand’s recall value and are a great form of advertisement. These can be in the form of a banner, pylon sign, or other signs.  

Indoor sign

These are signboards set up inside a space. Mainly used in larger buildings, events, or offices to guide people to a block, registration, floor, or other parts of the large area. These signages can be found in lobbies, banners, displays, or even graphics.

Traditional Sign

The classic sign that is used for directing signs and communicating certain messages, includes signs that are present almost everywhere. Some examples of these are banners, vinyl signs, etc, and are present both interior and exterior.

Modular sign

These are signs that are easy to update and usually digital signage. They indicate timings, gate numbers, terminals, names, etc. Popularly used in airports, colleges, metro stations, and even corporate spaces.

Safety sign

As the name suggests, this sign is used in places of hazard and danger and cautions the passerby that this place is likely to have dangerous substances or cause serious injury like hazardous materials, toxic gas warnings, etc. This can also be safety information like wearing a helmet, wearing safety shoes, etc

Traffic sign

These road signs are aimed at ensuring road safety and facilitating smoother transportation. They indicate road safety rules and instructions such as speed breaker ahead, school ahead, and other mandatory and cautionary signs that maintain harmony and safety on the road.  

How is Signage Important?

Signage plays an important role in boosting the visual presence of a brand or purpose. It creates a lasting image in the viewer’s mind.

Brand recognition

For brands, signage works as an effective marketing strategy that gives them major exposure and attracts potential customers, retains existing customers, and creates a presence in the mind of uninterested people also.

The more revised and fresh your strategy is, the more it will help you reach your desired marketing goal.


Employing men for delivering the smallest message of not throwing garbage, wearing a helmet, or speed breaker ahead will be a waste of resources. Instead, a sign will very well communicate your message while compelling them to act for their own safety.

Kenford Interior’s Signages

At Kenford Interior we stay updated with the latest technologies, tools, client needs, and trends to create sign boards that demand action. Each of our signage undergoes a deeply technical process that makes it refined, error-free, and smooth.

This is perfect for your occasion and caters to your need. Its structure, material, and quality has the ability to withstand the test of time because of the high-quality material and ingredients that go into its making.

The precision helps target the desired audience by raising awareness, announcing an event, spreading safety rules, and other desired actions.

You can opt for our promising door signs, road signs, indoor signs, and more because of the passion and dedication that goes behind creating each sign board. You can also get in touch with us to know more about our road signs.