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Reception Desk for Your Workspace

The first impression is the last impression. As the old saying suggests, the first look creates an impression and speaks volumes about a matter. This holds for your office area entrance. A clean, organized, and stunning entrance will always have an edge over dull, unorganized spaces.

A good reception will be welcoming and propose a space filled with warmth. With Kenford interior, you can make sure that every person entering your office or workspace leaves with a lasting good impression. We make sure that the welcoming space aligns with the company’s purpose and has all you need readily available for the customers to find.

For example, hospitals are a space of eagerness and anxiety. In such situations, it is common for visitors and patients to be confused because they may not be doing very well, healthwise. In such a case, we take up the job to make the reception area seamless with easy guidance and clear signage that eliminates confusion. We aim at creating a comforting, supportive, and inviting reception area for hospitals and medical areas which makes the confusing and worrisome days of one’s life easy on form filling and other areas.

Enhance Your Brand with Efficient Modern Reception Desk

A reception area speaks greatly of your brand. Also the waiting area, people who visit your office or workspace get a glimpse into what your business does and also provides a warm, cozy and friendly vibe to the person visiting. Our creations make sure that the office reception is not intimidating and is easy for your visitor to connect with.

The front desk reception is created with a welcoming and friendly choice of color and patterns that the visitor will have no hesitation in asking questions and solving their queries.

How Office Reception Benefits Your Business

  1. Spacious

Having a separate space for your reception is important as here, your visitors can wait. Ideally, this is away from the main office but even in minimum spaces, it should be a little distant. This is necessary to keep distractions away and give a formal appearance to the new visitors.

The area of the office reception itself should be big enough to make easy moving for your customers and space to accommodate average visitors.

  1. Comfortable environment

Being the first part of your office that a person sees and visits, it is necessary to make it comfortable with the right furniture, including a small reception desk and the right colors.

This space requires ample seating depending on how many visitors you may get in a day and the estimated waiting time. If your budget supports it, there could be a television screen with promotional videos, magazines, and a water cooler.

  1. Reception Desk

 At Kenford interiors, we have a spectacular range of modern reception desks in a variety of sizes and materials to elevate your works space. A reception desk is where the visitor will go to ask queries and clarify their doubts.

Here, there should be provision for brochures, forms, stationery, and visiting cards. Along with welcoming reception desk designs, we also provide a helpful space for your visitors. We can also customize your logo on the desk for more impact.

  1. Impressive methods

Through impressive strategies and furniture arrangements, you can promote long-term brand value. You can hang up any photographs, accolades, and achievements, or television updates. This will be effective for your sales.

  1. Staffing

Staffing can make or break a reception area. A warm, humble staff will make sure your visitors are satisfied and all their doubts and queries are satisfied. The receptionist should be customer-friendly and provide them with an organized experience.

Get the perfect reception desk

As you noticed, a reception desk is the heart of a reception area because it has the ability to create a positive and assuring mindset for your visitors, who may end up being your customers. Taking into consideration your needs and expectations we adopt cutting-edge technology and prolific reception desk designs and notice a spectacular change in the way visitors think of your business.

All you need to do is think of a design, and we help you bring your ideas to life and create a beautiful reception desk that satisfies your needs and produces a modern reception desk. Employing a vast tool kit and experienced team for your dream solutions and are always a call away when you wish to get an expert on board for your interior designing goals.