False Ceiling

False Ceiling: Immortal Architecture

Enhancing the appearance of a room, false ceiling are by far one of the most innovative, elevating, and beautiful architectural designs that are a great pick for houses of all kinds. Dating back to the 14th century during the Muromachi Period in Japan, false ceilings were first used as an architectural element at that time.

“The fifth wall” is a unique interior décor element and has grown to become an integral aspect of modern-day constructions due to its visually appealing nature.

This has become a constant in almost all designs and will never be out of style because of the glorious touch it brings to the space. With Kenford interior’s premium designs and quality pop in ceiling, you will be impressed at the refined and magnificent look in your work, home or office area.

Factors Determining the Fall Ceiling’s Cost

Fall ceilings are of various types and have a pricing structure that depends on some factors. These have an impact on how much you spend on installing a false ceiling into your abode and help you make a wise decision:

  1. Quality

The type of material you use impacts the price of your false ceiling. If you are using high-quality products for the design, you have to pay a higher cost for construction and maintenance.

  1. Design

The complexity of the false ceiling and the room’s design has a great influence on the price. This also involves texture and aesthetics. The ceiling’s design involves costs associated with the intricate detailing and precision and labor work.

  1. Size

The cost of a false ceiling is also determined by the length and size of the room. The more the size, the more the overall cost. This also involves the additional costs involved with the services.

  1. Material

We have a range of material options including gypsum false ceiling, POP ceiling, and more. The material when calculated with the square feet of your space gives you the value of your false ceiling design.

The Pros and Cons of False Ceiling

False ceilings are undoubtedly gorgeous and bring a unique and attractive touch to the space. However, it comes with its own set of pros and cons that give you a clearer picture of whether or not it will be the right choice for your space.


  1. Hidden Wiring

Wiring is the nervous system of the house. With new technology and features coming in every day, it gets difficult to hide the wires. With a false ceiling, you can hide AC wires, plumbing, ducting, and another electrical wiring. With a false ceiling, you will save time and effort on tucking in wires and bring a flawless appearance.

  1. Thermal Insulation

The space between the ceiling and the false ceiling is filled with air. This helps save plenty on the electricity bill by regulating the room’s temperature.

  1. Visual Delight

False ceilings are almost immortal because of their visually pleasing characteristics. They also can highlight the elements of the space and add definitions to the room’s structure.

  1. Acoustic Barrier

False ceilings are a blessing for rooms where you enjoy louder sounds. Such as, in a TV room, gaming room, or home theatre where the false ceiling will give you an enhanced audio experience. Moreover, it also acts as a barrier by not absorbing noise and avoiding it from going outside of the room.


  1. More Maintenance

Taking care of the false ceiling from time to time by cleaning and repairing it is important to ensure the false ceiling is maintained. This also eliminates dust, insects, nests, and other elements from dwelling in the space.

  1. Reduced Headspace

A false ceiling takes up more space in the ceiling area than a normal ceiling because of its design that helps de-clutter your room.

  1. Composition

The distinct materials and making styles for different types of false ceilings. This depends on the space like a kitchen false ceiling or a false ceiling for living room. For example, a false ceiling in your bedroom will be different from the bathroom because bathrooms are prone to being damp and wet.

False ceilings are an exceptional creation in the world of architecture and interior design. This splendid creation is a great way to elevate the features and elements of the room. Moreover, it gives it a clean finish by hiding the plumbing, wiring, and fixtures effortlessly.

Choosing the right false ceiling for your home, office or workspace involves a thorough understanding of the pros, cons, pricing structure, and types of false ceiling designs and types available to you. While this may be a little complicated, we are here to offer our assistance and guide you along the way by helping you choose the perfect false ceiling for your home!